Legacy’s 50th Anniversary

With five campuses and thousands of lives transformed over the years, Legacy Christian Church celebrated 50 years of ministry. The 50th anniversary weekend was filled with opportunities to celebrate God’s work, engage in fellowship, learn about Legacy’s story, and be inspired by examples of faith. There was a unique “Building a Legacy” program that emphasized the great multi-generational impact of Legacy Christian Church.

Ministry and Campus Expansion

Over the years, Legacy continued to grow and live on mission to make disciples. With objectives to implement more space for spiritually forming people, the lower level of the Overland Park Campus beneath the sanctuary was finished with multiple Sunday school rooms, large group meeting spaces, and the gym. These venues provided room for activities (like Men’s basketball) that were catalytic for connecting people to biblical community. Children’s and youth ministers were added to the staff, and support for local and global missions continued to grow as our church raised up Timothies for disciple-making.

More Space Needed

Another building program resulted in the current sanctuary and gym of the Overland Park Campus, with unfinished space on the lower level of the sanctuary. Worship began in the new facility in the fall of 1979.

The Search for a New Senior Pastor

PRESENT: We give praise to God for how He has worked to assemble the Senior Pastor Search Team. This team has been prayerfully assembled and includes members from all of Legacy’s campuses representing a great diversity of age, gender, backgrounds, and race. This group of individuals, led by elders Mike Shelton and Joel DeBoer, are deeply committed to discerning God’s will for our church and serving all of Legacy’s campuses with a unified purpose. The Search Team will conduct an extensive search to identify ideal candidates who align with Legacy’s vision and mission and will approach this process of finding a new Senior Pastor with much care and patience. We ask each of you for your help by diligently praying as we seek God’s will.

God Brings Growth and a New Church Building

The original core of 47 attenders grew rapidly, so visionary leaders began the work of acquiring property and building a new church home. Pictured is Pastor Ronnie Epps, Darlene Epps, and their children Reggie, Jack, and Renee at the groundbreaking for the new church building in Overland Park. Great financial sacrifice and lots of hard labor by the part of members went into the construction of the original chapel, with Sunday school rooms on the basement level. Dedication of that first building at our present location was in September 1971.

God Provides an Interim Pastor

COMING NOVEMBER: We are excited to announce that Randy Gariss will be Legacy’s Interim Pastor! Randy started preaching the last week of November, and he will continue to preach most Sundays until a new Senior Pastor is hired. Randy is a solid man of God who is gifted in both leadership and teaching. It is exciting to see how God has orchestrated His perfect plan and prepared our church to embrace Randy as our Interim Pastor. We praise God for working out the details to open the door for Randy and his wife Julie to join our Biblical Community Living the Word.