The Search For A New Senior Pastor

PRESENT: God continues to put the pieces together as a Search Team looks for Legacy’s new Senior Pastor. The Search Team is a diverse (by campus, age, gender, and race) group of Legacy members who are committed to chasing after God’s will for this church and serving all of Legacy’s campuses with one heartbeat. They will conduct an extensive search to identify ideal candidates who align with Legacy’s vision and mission. The Search Team will approach this process of finding a new Senior Pastor with much care and patience. We ask each of you for your help by diligently praying as we seek God’s will.

God Provides an Interim Pastor!

COMING NOVEMBER: We are excited to announce that Randy Gariss will be Legacy’s Interim Pastor! Randy will begin preaching the last Sunday in November, and he will continue to preach most Sundays until a new Senior Pastor is hired. Randy is a solid man of God who is gifted in both leadership and teaching. It is exciting to see how God has orchestrated His perfect plan and prepared our church to embrace Randy as our Interim Pastor. We praise God for working out the details to open the door for Randy and his wife, Julie, to join our Biblical Community Living the Word. We are confident that Randy will continue to provide biblical teaching in the pulpit and keep us focused on the vision and mission of Legacy as he helps prepare the way for the coming Senior Pastor.

Night of Prayer – September 25

Daily we see God move because of His faithfulness and your prayers. We are asking everyone to join us at Night of Prayer on September 25 as we seek God’s will for Legacy Christian Church. As our church heads into a season of searching for a new Senior Pastor, it is our hope that we are fully surrendered and humble before God to lead us where He wants us.

God Fills The Pulpit with Biblical Teaching

We are thanking God for His provision as we transition in our church during this season. God prepared the way with an incredible team of teaching pastors who were ready to step in, minister to the church, and serve in the pulpit while we search for a new Senior Pastor.

In Loving Memory of Pastor Reggie Epps

In 2021, Pastor Reggie was diagnosed with 2 kinds of rare cancer. Later in his battle, he lead staff meetings over video calls from the hospital room, he preached biblical sermons through labored breathing, and faithfully served the Church as much as possible. Pastor Reggie passed away on July 6, 2023.