We want you to know that Jesus cares about your life! At Legacy, our goal is to make disciples. We believe that when you live your life as a devoted follower of Jesus, that you are living to your fullest and most satisfying potential! We as a church want to connect you to authentic relationships, we want to raise up the next generation of Kingdom Builders, and we want to weekly provide worship services so you can hear, see, and live out the Word of God!


Engaging All Stages Of Life

There is community for kids, 6-12 graders, and all stages of adulthood! 

The Light Has Come

Jesus’ birth into the world changes and impacts everything! What will you do with this hope-filled gift of a Savior? In this 4-week biblical study on Jesus, you’ll experience hope, peace, joy and love as we prepare our hearts for Christmas! Join us for worship at 9:00am and 10:45am or watch online here!

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