Gift of Shepherding

Gift of Shepherding (I Peter 5:1-4; Ephesians 4:11)

This gift is the ability to minister to an established group of people (believers) by caring for their spiritual welfare holistically on a long-term basis.

  • Jesus is the Good and Ultimate Shepherd of all believers. (Psalms 23:1; John 10:11, 14; I Peter 2:25)
  • Jesus has gifted some as under-shepherds to care for His followers. (I Peter 5:2)
  • This gift is concerned with serving and caring for the needs of a small group of people. (I Peter 5:2-4)
  • This gift is concerned with protecting the believers from attacks, both from within and from the outside. (Acts 20:29-31)
  • This is not a passive or docile gift but must always be alert. (Acts 20:29-31)
  • This gift is often combined with other gifts. (Ephesians 4:11)
  • This is not the dominant gift of the Senior Pastor for a large growing church.

Biblical Examples:

  • Acts 20:28-35 — Ephesian Elders

Possible Characteristics of this Gift:

  • Your prayers are often comprised of requests for the deep hurts and needs of those whom you are shepherding.
  • You are a people person and enjoy being around others.
  • You tend to build deep relationships with others and do not enjoy superficial or casual friendships for very long.
  • Others are attracted to you because they sense that you truly care for them.
  • People see you as a warm person with a real concern for the welfare of others.
  • You are frustrated with tasks that take you away from ministering to those around you for very long.
  • You can feel frustrated by those who are too involved in their own goals to care for others.
  • You do not feel comfortable in a tightly regimented time schedule.
  • When you share with others, you often focus on the relational aspects of the Christian life.
  • You feel inadequate to meet all the needs of those to whom you minister.
  • You have a great burden to protect those around you from non-Biblical influences.
  • You feel frustrated when relationships with others do not last long-term.
  • You enjoy being able to focus on a few rather than being “spread too thin.”

Common Support Gifts:

Mercy, Encouragement, Discernment

Possible Ministries:

  • KIDS (Teachers and Helpers)
  • Life Groups (Life Group Leader)
  • Guest Services (Ministry Team Leaders)
  • Legacy Buddies (Special Needs Ministry)
  • Student Ministries (Small Group Leader)
  • Sports and Rec (Coach)
  • Men’s Ministry (Men’s Ministry, Seniors)
  • Women’s Ministry (Women’s Ministry, Legacy MOMS, Widows, Seniors)
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