Gift of Prophecy

Gift of Prophecy (Romans 2:6; I Corinthians 12:10, 28-29; Ephesians 4:11)

This gift is the ability to proclaim God’s word publicly or privately such that people are convicted, consoled, encouraged, challenged, or strengthened. Another angle also involves knowing and speaking God’s mind intuitively rather than, as with the teacher, deductively from scripture alone. Scripture is to always check this intuition.

  • The primary function of this gift in the Old and New Testament is not to foretell the future but to tell forth the Word of God.
  • As a result of the use of this gift, people are often strengthened and encouraged. (Acts 15:32)
  • They are able to speak accurately with regard to the future (Acts 1:27-28); although they are not always correct. (Acts 21:10)
  • What they say should be weighed by other prophets and the Word of God. (I Corinthians 14:29-32)
  • The New Testament church had an office for this gift.

Biblical Examples:

  • Acts 11:27-28; 21:10-11 — Agabus
  • Acts 15:32 — Judas and Silas

Possible Characteristics of this Gift:

  • Your prayers are often for courage to speak out against injustices and to help others understand God’s Word.
  • You have an excellent grasp of God’s Word.
  • You do not mind someone challenging you.
  • You do not like bureaucracies.
  • You are able to stand alone against the tide.
  • You have courage to confront issues with insights God has given you.
  • You have a good understanding of many social and political trends of our time.
  • You are interested in applying God’s principles to social and political injustices.
  • You have the ability to see through surface issues to the true spiritual problem.
  • People have different responses to your messages; some are convicted, others are encouraged, but few are neutral.
  • You always seem to be quoting the Bible to others.
  • Your “… words carry God’s authority and have the power to build by stimulating and encouraging. Often this gift reflects special insight into the truth and calls men back to the obedience of faith.” (A. W. Tozer)
  • You see events which will occur if people do not act now on God’s Word.
  • Sometimes people see you as a negative person.

Common Support Gifts:

Discernment, Wisdom, Knowledge

Possible Ministries:

  • Creative Arts Team (Brainstorming Team, Social Media Moderator)
  • Life Groups (Life Group Leader)
  • Missions (Local Missions Volunteer; Short Term Missions Trip Team)
  • Prayer Team
  • Student Ministries (Small Group Leader)
  • Worship Team
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