Gift of Mercy

Gift of Mercy (Romans 12:8)

This gift is the ability to empathize with those in need (especially those suffering and miserable) and to manifest this empathy in such a way as to encourage those that are in need.

  • The gift is to be used with cheerfulness; that is, joyousness which is ready to do anything. (Romans 12:8).
  • This mercy will be manifested in good deeds. (James 2:15,16)
  • All believers are commanded to have mercy. (Matthew 9:13; Luke 10:37)
  • Biblical Examples: Acts 9:36 — Dorcas

Possible Characteristics of this Gift:

  • Your prayer life includes the needs of the many personal struggles you know people are experiencing.
  • You find it easy to identify with the feelings of someone in pain.
  • You cry easily or show emotions when you see or hear things that sadden you.
  • When someone is sharing something deep with you, you find yourself crying when they do.
  • Your immediate reactions when you see someone in difficulty is to want to reach out and help.
  • You sometimes become bitter because of the injustices someone else suffers.
  • Most people would see you as an empathetic person.
  • People come to you with problems not because of some practical things you do, but because you have the ability to understand what they are going through and can console them.
  • You have the ability to “cheer up” people who are going through deep personal struggles.
  • When you are finished having someone share with you, many times you find yourself emotionally drained.
  • You enjoy calling on people in the hospital or who are sick or going through some difficulty.

Common Support Gifts:

Pastor, Service, Encouragement

Possible Ministries:

  • KIDS (Nursery Teachers and Caregivers)
  • Guest Services (Greeters, Hosts, Café)
  • Life Groups (Life Group Leader)
  • Missions (Local Missions Volunteer, BRIDGES Missionary Care Team, Short Term Mission Trip Team)
  • Prayer Team
  • Legacy Buddies (Special Needs Ministry)
  • Student Ministries (Small Group Leader)
  • Sports and Rec (Coach)
  • Men’s Ministry (Men’s Ministry, Seniors)
  • Women’s Ministry (Women’s Ministry, Legacy MOMS, Widows, Seniors)
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