Gift of Administration


This gift is the ability to develop, articulate, and execute effective and specific plans in the accomplishment of the long and short-range goals of the Body of Christ. 

  • The word for this gift is derived from “captain” or “pilot” of a ship. (Acts 27:11, Revelations 18:17). It implies keeping the ship on a predetermined course, not determining the course).  
  • This gift is implementing plans and programs consistent with the purpose and goal of the Body.  
  • This gift is not necessary for leaders, but they must have someone with this gift close by to execute plans. (Acts 15:40)  
  • This gift if often used to continue ministries started by others. (Acts 17:15)

Biblical Examples:

  • Acts 15:22-35; 17:14-15 — Silas 
  • Acts 17:14-15, I Thessalonians 3:1 — Timothy 

Possible Characteristics of this Gift:

  • You enjoy working with intricate details to make everything work together. 
  • Your prayers often consist of asking for God to bring many different factors together to accomplish a given task for His kingdom. 
  • You are a very organized person and use outlines or flow charts to develop a plan. 
  • You often work from a list. 
  • You are a logical thinker and able to keep several projects on target. 
  • You enjoy working with people to enable them to work together smoothly toward a common objective. 
  • Others see you as a very pragmatic person.
  • You enjoy working on and within systems. 
  • You may feel comfortable working with or around computers. 
  • You are very loyal to your goals.
  • You tend to be a perfectionist and often expect the same of others. 

Common Support Gifts:

Service, Giving, Wisdom

Possible Ministries:

  • Tech (Broadcast Operator, Camera Operator, Video Switch Director)
  • Guest Services (Finance Ministry Team)  
  • KIDS (Classroom Preparation, Curriculum, Tech)  
  • Online Church
  • Administrative Support (Ministry Assistant, Office Assistant, Office Technology Assistant)
  • Worship Arts (CG Operator, Sound Operator, Lighting Operator)