legacy campuses

our central team

Reggie Epps
Senior teaching pastor

Jamie Schools
Executive Pastor

Luke Wright
Associate Teaching Pastor

JD Brookins
Director of Technology

Robin Manring
Director of Communications

Alan Gloor
Director of Worship and Production

Brittany Schools
Director of Family Ministries and Affinities

Angie Teeple
Director of Adult Ministry & Missions Coordinator

Brianna Grissom
Children's Ministry Manager

Dallas Guthrie
Facilities manager

Alethea Palecki
Graphics Specialist

Holly Brown
Ministry Assistant - Finance

Catherine Nelson
Kids Curriculum and Projects Manager

Tracy Owens
Ministry Assistant- Communications

Sherri Wilks
Ministry Assistant - Family and Affinities

Ally Gomer
Ministry Assistant - HR and Administration

Jacob Moore
Technology Ministry Intern

Kathy Paulraj
Manager of Cross-Cultural Missions, Counseling and Care Ministries


Legacy’s elders

Administrative Elders:
Craig Casey (Chairman)
Mike Shelton (Vice Chairman)
Tim Wilks (Secretary)
Mark Palmer
Joe Mack