Winter Retreat

8-12 Graders | January 27-29 | At Youthfront west

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What is Winter Retreat?

Winter Retreat is an annual weekend getaway centered around training students to find their identity in Christ. The weekend is filled with fun activities, worship sets, biblical teaching, and interactive workshops over the topics of identity, discipleship, and biblical sexuality.

We are not of this world!

The theme for Winter Retreat is “ALIEN.” Students will explore the truths about God’s calling on their lives and how they can live for something bigger than this world! God’s will for the next generation is out of this world! Join students in learning about living on earth as citizens of heaven!


Snow Creek Option:

  • Skiing = $165
  • Tubing = $135
  • None = $105

Jaegers Option:

  • Paintball = $130
  • Lazer Tag = $115
  • None = $105
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