03 Aug The Travel Guy – Fred Hartman

Senior Ministry Event
Hosted at the Blue Valley Campus
Thursday, September 20 at 9:30 am

Register online (see below) or at Ministry Central

Join the seniors as Fred Hartman, also known as The Travel Guy, offers a travelogue presentation of Kansas City. This is a FREE event. Coffee, tea, water and pastries will be provided.

Information on The Travel Guy:
Fred Hartman was born and grew up in St. Louis as part of a loving family, including a sister. His father transferred to Kansas City when he was 16 years old which has been his home since. He graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, MO with a double degree in teaching and sociology. He began his teaching career in 1996 at Raytown High School and was assigned to the French Club. They viewed the travelogue on France at the Municipal Auditorium. Fred was fascinated by the person on stage doing a live presentation while watching a film. This was the turning point in Fred’s life. He started doing travelogue presentations in elementary schools. Today he has thirty presentations of around the world. He currently makes one or two new topics per year.

A film requires several months of research by studying travel guide books and the internet.  A new program will often result in nearly 1500 photos taken and narrowed down to around 300 for an hour-long presentation. Fred spends about six days in the area to be photographed. He travels solo and usually begins filming about 9:30 am when daylight is best. His hobby is hiking and fits well into his ability to climb cliffs to shoot the perfect picture. Fred says he does not eat well, likes fast food and eats quickly. It works well for him. He does presentations at schools, retirement facilities and churches.

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