Scholarship Application

The Legacy Christian Church Scholarship Fund is one aspect of the church’s overall Mission Program. Legacy views these scholarships as an investment in the work of the Kingdom. Specifically, they have been earmarked as an investment in the education of young people who believe they have been gifted and called to vocational leadership in the church, and are in the process of preparing for or currently serving in an area of specialized Christian service.

Legacy will consider these monies repaid to the Church through service rendered to the Kingdom by the young people who receive them. Students, blessed by these scholarships, who do not eventually serve in a vocational Christian ministry are strongly encouraged to pay back to the Scholarship Fund the monies received as soon as possible so as to be a blessing to future Legacy Christian Church college scholarship students.

Applications must be received prior to the respective deadline. The deadline for applications is JUNE 1 for fall semesters & DECEMBER 1 for spring semesters (if applying for the first time in the school year). For current fall semester scholarship recipients, qualifying fall semester grades must be received on or before the first Tuesday of January for spring scholarship monies to be disbursed.

Please click the following link to print and complete your application. Upon completion, return application to Angie Teeple by June 1.

For more information, please contact Angie ([email protected]).