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  • Have you been blessed by a gift of generosity? (Or were you able to be generous for others?)

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Margin Kansas City is a partnership between Legacy Christian Church, Dave Ramsey, and 100 local churches to make Financial Peace University – a proven plan that will help you build a budget, beat debt, grow your wealth, and leave money stress behind – available all over our city.

FPU groups are underway, but there’s still time for you to jump in.

What is FPU?

Financial Peace University is the class that teaches you how to:

  • Pay off debt
  • Budget
  • Save money
  • Give generously

Is there a cost?

As a participating church in Margin KC, Legacy is able to offer membership kits from Ramsey Solutions for $95 per household. This includes your member workbook, a one-year membership to Financial Peace online resources, and the EveryDollar Plus Budgeting App.


Why should I participate in FPU?

To put it simply, Financial Peace University has the potential to change your life. On average, members pay off $5,300 in debt and put $2,700 in savings following FPU. 89% of members graduate with at least a $1,000 emergency fund.  

When you live with a new vision for stewardship and generosity, you set yourself up to:   

  • Discover unity in your marriage 
  • Eliminate debt and leave the stress of money behind 
  • Spend and save wisely 
  • Increase financial security 
  • Live generously 
  • Have the margin to live out your true passion 

How do I register for a group? Can anyone join?

Legacy’s FPU groups are open to everyone in the community! Click HERE to search Legacy’s list of FPU groups meeting in your area. Once registered, group members will receive the following at their first meeting: 

  • FPU workbook that goes along with weekly lessons 
  • One-year online membership to Financial Peace University 

What is the investment?

The normal cost for Financial Peace University is $129. However, because of our participation in Margin KC, Legacy is able to offer a discounted rate of $95 per household. Your membership kit (from Ramsey Solutions) includes your member workbook, a one-year membership to Financial Peace online resources, and the EveryDollar Plus Budgeting App. 

The information you’ll learn at FPU has the potential to transform your life and your legacy. For less than $11 per session, chances are very high for your investment to yield a return – and then some.  

If you are not able to afford the $95 price, you can request a partial scholarship when you register. Legacy does not want cost to be an obstacle to your participation in this life-changing campaign.  

College students may purchase a membership kit for $75.

How often does a group meet? For how long?

Groups meet once a week for nine weeks to watch and discuss each video lesson together. Each week, groups typically meet for about 90 minutes. Groups will launch the week of September 15.  

Through life-changing videos, online tools and resources, and group accountability, group members will learn together about how to create and stick to a budget, save for emergencies, pay off debt, and plan for the future. 

Is there childcare available for groups?

Some groups offer childcare, and others do not. You’ll be able to view the details of each group before registering for that group. 

Does my membership cover my spouse?

Yes! Only one membership is needed per household. 

What if I’ve already been through FPU?

If you’ve already completed Financial Peace University, have you considered leading a group? Families at Legacy and in our community are waiting for people like you to leverage your experience to help them take the next step with their finances. This is your chance to make an impact! Are you in?  

In addition, consider this: completing FPU for a second or third time allows you to receive fresh insight from God about how you can further develop your financial stewardship. You can also take advantage of Ramsey Solutions’ newest features (including a new lesson 9).  

Have you previously purchased FPU materials? FPU provides many options for returning members; however, the $95 membership package available through Margin KC is typically a better deal than the alternative options. If you taken FPU in the last two years, email Nick Parker.

Will I have to share my financial information?

Definitely not! You will never be asked to personally disclose any financial information during your FPU group or class.
We believe that God is going to work through this Margin KC movement in mighty ways. Every Margin KC partner church, including Legacy, will ask FPU participants to share some high-level financial details at the beginning and end of the class (including non-mortgage debt, number of credit cards, and cash reserves). This survey is completely anonymous. The purpose of this survey is to celebrate how much financial progress Legacy’s members and guests – as well as the Margin KC initiative as a whole – will make over this 9-week class.

When will I receive my membership kit?

Once you have registered and paid for the class, your FPU membership workbook will be distributed at the first meeting. In addition, your leader will guide you through the process of gaining access to your online FPU membership, which includes EveryDollar Plus.

FPU Leader Resources

If you are already an FPU leader, or would like to sign up to lead an FPU group, you can access resources, leader kits, and more…