Legacy Student Ministries (LSM) exists to support families, disciple students and equip leaders for ministry. It is our hope and vision that we would be able to connect students to a biblical community living the word.

6th to 12th grade students gather for LSM on Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30 pm. LSM is a designed to connect middle schoolers and high schoolers to God. Students will experience:

  • Student Worship- Middle school and high school students will worship God together.
  • Relevant Biblical teaching- Middle School and High school students will split up to hear age-appropriate and dynamic preaching.
  • Intentional Community through mentor-led small groups- Students will be divided by age and gender and will experience fellowship, application of the Word, accountability and prayer.


  • Parent/Child Dedication

    Legacy will educate, encourage, and challenge parents to raise up their children in the Lord and His church.

  • Sword Ceremony

    Incoming first graders will be presented with a Children’s Bible. They will be encouraged to grow in their love for the Lord and His Word.

  • Faith Decision

    Through Legacy Kids curriculum and special events, students are introduced to Jesus and His saving grace. We pray each will accept Jesus as Savior and Lord and be baptized.

  • Preparing for Adolescence

    Through education, resources, and discussion, we will partner with parents and equip them to navigate this challenging life phase in the midst of a secular culture.

  • Upgrade Ceremony

    Incoming sixth graders are presented with resources that will help them take ownership of their faith. Ninth graders will also be welcomed into a new phase of life.

  • Rite of Passage

    Teens will be introduced to concepts of biblical masculinity and femininity and challenged to live a life of purity. Parents will be equipped to conduct a “rite of passage” activity.

  • Kingdom Worldview

    Upperclassmen will strengthen their Kingdom Worldview from an apologetics and a global missions perspective.

  • High School Graduation

    We will celebrate our high school graduates and ‘pass the baton of faith’ to them as they prepare to leave home.

  • Covenant Membership

    Young adults will be encouraged to become covenant members, deepening their commitment to the body of Christ.

  • Leadership Certification

    After becoming covenant members, young adults will prepare to become a part of our Leadership Community, commissioning them to be actively invested in discipling the next generation of believers.