Shepherding Elders Ordination

Legacy’s shepherding elders are a valuable part in allowing members to stay cared for and connected. We will gather together to ordain Mark Vanderweide, Zack McNeil, Drew Hare, and Bob Craig as these men are in compliance of all of the Biblical and local qualifications required by scripture and our local church policy manual. The church does not select its leaders, but rather we recognize men whom the Holy Spirit has called and prepared for leadership ministries. See below to read the responsibilities of your current and new shepherding elders!

Campus Shepherding Elder Teams

1. At each Legacy campus, a team of shepherding elders is responsible for the spiritual oversight and shepherding of God’s people on their campus. This includes all matters of pastoral care and church discipline.

2. The Campus Pastor will function as a first among equals on this team and will be responsible to lead and equip them for effective service.

3. As shepherding is the primary function of elders, all Legacy elders are expected to continue in active service on one of these teams.

4. Shepherding elders serve an indefinite term. Every December they will be asked to recommit themselves to service for the coming year. We believe God raises and calls elders into service. Shepherding elders should serve until they no longer feel called to the office or cannot fulfill their responsibilities.

5. Shepherding elders who fail to fulfill their assigned responsibilities will be first admonished and possibly removed from eldership by consensus of the other elders.