Legacy’s Kids Ministry desires to partner with parents as they disciple their children. Our lessons are age-appropriate, interactive, and full of quality biblical teaching. Parents can find new curriculum every Sunday here! 


As a biblical community, Legacy Christian Church is called to partner with parents as they pass the torch of faith from one generation to the next. That’s why Legacy established a set of core discipleship milestones called the Legacy Landmarks. They demonstrate our commitment and plan to support parents and families as they raise their children to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. 

  • Parent/Child Dedication

    Legacy will celebrate parents who are publicly committing to raise up their children in the way of the Lord and His Church.

  • Sword Ceremony

    Incoming first graders will be presented with a Children’s Bible by their parent or guardian. They will be encouraged to grow in their love for the Lord and His Word.

  • Baptism

    As the culmination of a child’s faith decision, baptism by immersion happens once a child chooses to put their faith in Jesus and publicly confesses Him as Lord and Savior.

  • Upgrade Ceremony

    Incoming sixth graders are prayed over and welcomed into a new phase of life – Legacy's Student Ministry.

  • Identity in Christ

    Teens will be introduced to concepts of biblical masculinity and femininity and challenged to live a life of purity.

  • Missions Encounter

    Upperclassmen will be exposed to the importance of global missions, and understand they have a part to play in God’s story, through a service-oriented experience.

  • High School Graduation

    We will celebrate Legacy’s high school graduates and ‘pass the baton of faith’ to them as they prepare to leave home.

  • Church Membership

    Young adults will be called to become covenant members at Legacy, deepening their commitment to the body of Christ.

  • Leadership Community

    Young adults will become a part of Legacy’s Leadership Community, where they will be commissioned to be actively invested to disciple the next generation of believers.