ICOM 2019

The International Conference On Missions (ICOM) exists to encourage, equip, and enlist workers for the harvest. The extensive international conference serves as a connection point for global missions by telling God’s stories, providing resources and uniting the world with missions! 

ICOM will be held at the Kansas City Convention Center November 14-17. Legacy has purchased admission to the conference for all Legacy members. Please plan to participate as both an attendee and a volunteer. Please be aware that you will be responsible to pay for parking while attending and volunteering at ICOM.

Friday, November 15 will be “Legacy Serve Day” at ICOM. Legacy will provide all of the volunteers needed that day including registration, greeters, offering handlers, and childcare. The Volunteer Registration Deadline is Sunday, November 3. As a volunteer, you must also register as an ICOM attendee.

Volunteer Registration: Legacy Serve Day at ICOM: If you plan to volunteer – register first as a volunteer, then as an attendee. After you register as a volunteer, you will be redirected to this website to complete your attendee registration.

ICOM Attendee Registration: Click the Attendee Registration link below. Once you are directed to the ICOM website, be sure to click the “CODE OPTION ONLY” (on their Landing Page). Then, enter kc19 to waive the admission fee. Thereafter, click NEXT to continue and finish your registration.

For more information, please contact Angie Teeple (ateeple@lcc.org).