FPU/Kids Margin Curriculum

Family Giving Opportunity:  Each week, your child has the opportunity to take part in a weekly mission’s moment with Legacy Kids.  They learn about a missionary family and find out how they can be praying for them.  If your family would like to bless these families this Christmas, you can sign up to provide needed items and return them to your campus:  Sign up Genius

Here is a quick look at what kids will learn during Margin KC:

Week 1 (10/10 & 10/13) – God created everything and he wants us to do our very best to take care of everything that he’s given us.  (Creation story)

Week 2 (10/17 & 10/20) – We are God’s servants.  He likes it when we work hard and expects us to do our very best. (The Master gives the servants money to care for while he is away. Some help it grow. One just hides it)

Week 3 (10/24 & 10/27) – Jesus wants us to give to help others.  Giving helps us to be less selfish.  (Good Samaritan)  **Kids will be making Christmas cards to be sent to our Legacy Missionaries this week in class. 

Week 4 (10/31 & 11/3) – We do not know what the future holds.  We need to be prepared and SAVE, so we don’t have to borrow. (Joseph & the famine)

Week 5 (11/7 & 11/10) – It is always a wise idea to make a plan for how you will save to meet your goals. (Solomon builds the temple)

Week 6 (11/14 & 11/17) – We can be content in all situations because we know that God has promised to take care of us.  (Paul & Silas in prison)