Being A Blessing

This odd year that has been 2020 is slowly coming to an end. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we’re entering a season of purposeful thankfulness. Will you spend time this month serving your community, your friends, your family, or your church? Have you thought about how this might look during our current societal situation? 

Check out these ideas for ways you and your family can give back over the last few weeks of this year. 

  1. Bless a Neighbor (FREE, all ages, one time): If you have older neighbors or those that are homebound due to health issues or COVID-19 concerns, use this opportunity to bless them. You could make a sweet treat, a meal, or even just write an encouraging note. Your children could color or draw pictures for them as well. Those stuck at home often get lonely and feel overlooked. Bless them by acknowledging them and their situation. 
  1. The Blessing Tree ($$, all ages, one time): If you are financially blessed, pass your blessings on by helping a family in need at Legacy this Christmas. Each campus will have a Blessing Tree available for those who need assistance in providing a Christmas for their family. Grab a couple of tags, purchase the requested presents, then return to your campus as directed on the tags. 
  1. Caregiver Break (FREE, adults and older teens, one time): Anyone who has served as a caregiver during this year, could easily be feeling overwhelmed with the many months of isolation. Offer a break to a family you know by spending time with their family member so that the caregivers can have a few hours off. This short break may be more of a blessing than you realize! 
  1. Craft Kit ($, adults, one time): There are many moms of young children in our church who are entering the winter wondering how to keep their children occupied once the weather gets colder. Gather craft materials from around your home and make a “craft kit” for a mom you know. Include materials that she could use with her youngsters to keep them occupied during the upcoming cold months. Think pompons, pipe cleaners, colored papers, glue sticks, and stickers. 
  1. Donations to Missions (FREE, all ages, one time): There are many mission groups in the area that take donations to help those who are homeless or are starting over after loss. Reach out to these organizations and make donations of items you are planning to clean out of your home anyway (think clothing, linens, furniture, etc.). Legacy Christian Church has partnered with several local missions groups. You can find information on these groups here
  1. Donations to Shelters (FREE, all ages, one time): The shelters that offer a refuge for moms and children may also be in need of toys and books for the children while they’re there. Clean out your child’s unused toys and weed through those books to make donations to bless mothers and children in need. 
  1. Pray (FREE, all ages, on-going): There are so many needs in our community and church, it can be surprising how so many people are hurting. Pray for our community to see the Lord at work in your life and in your family. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with others. Pray for our church to reach those in need in our community. Pray for our local and international missionaries to be effective in making disciples and meeting needs. Prayer can move mountains you can make that happen! 
  1. Trash Walk (FREE, all ages, one time): While the weather is feeling fall-like, take advantage of the daylight hours and go on a family walk. Take some gloves and trash bags with you and pick up the litter you see in your neighborhood while you walk. You can also walk trails, go to parks, or visit school playgrounds and pick up the trash there. This can be a wonderful way to teach your children about littering and taking care of the environment, or just getting some fresh air for yourself while doing a small task to help your community. 
  1. Visit Shelter Pets (FREE, all ages, one time): Many shelter pets get forgotten as people get into the hustle and bustle of fall and winter. Take a few minutes to visit your local animal shelter and take treats for the animals while you’re there. Or take along a book and read to the animals while they wait for a family. Often shelters also take donations of towels or treats, so you could possibly take those items, too. 
  1. Volunteer at Church (FREE, adults and teens, ongoing): Did you know that there are volunteer opportunities in Children’s Ministry, the Worship and Tech Teams, Student Ministry, Guest Services, and other areas at Legacy Christian Church? Serving in these areas not only helps meet a need within the church, it also helps promote the Word of God in our community. You can learn about ways you can serve at your local campus at  

Could you bless first responders on a holiday with a special treat or a meal? Could you volunteer as a family and serve people at a shelter this holiday season? Could you bless others as they are displaced while getting needed medical attention, such as families at the Ronald McDonald House? Does your community offer opportunities to volunteer with children or adults with disabilities, such as Special Olympics? In addition to these ideas, brainstorm with your family or neighbors other ways you can be a blessing this holiday season. 

Kristin Daniels serves as the blog coordinator for Legacy Christian Church and enjoys serving the Olathe Campus on the Tech Team as well. She and her family volunteer at Legacy, with a local animal sanctuary, and also have blessed others with many of the ideas presented above.