4:00 = Main Session (family-friendly)
5:00 = Dinner; Bookstore/Free Resources Available
5:15 = Childcare opens
5:30 = Workshop #1
6:30 = Workshop #2
7:30 = Event ends; childcare pickup (bookstore open until 7:45)


Legacy Christian Church

Overland Park Campus
10150 Antioch Road
Overland Park, KS 66212

Workshops for Parents

5 Must Have Conversations with Your Kids

Think about all the things you need to teach your children and you will quickly be overwhelmed. Come hear the 5 conversations you must CHOOSE to have with your kids, no matter their age.  Parenting is tough and this information will be a valuable tool in your parenting tool belt. Practical information and resources will be provided.

Curiosity Killed the Kid

In a world where your kids are more tech savvy than you, this workshop is essential. It will cover technology, social media, filters and overall practical information on parenting in this digital age. Learn how to help your child CHOOSE wisely in our tech driven culture. *Bring your device and we’ll help you learn how to install filters.

Inside Our Schools

This panel, consisting of public and private school teachers and administrators, will give insight into what really goes on inside our schools. You’ll hear the good and the bad, but above all the truth. Come hear from Christian staff how you can CHOOSE to make a difference in your child’s school.

Workshops for Parents

Louder Than the World

The world is really loud! It is shouting at our kids through social media and advertising. It is a challenge to tell friends about Jesus when the “stuff” of the world is filling their lives and they don’t see a need for a savior. Many don’t care to “hear”, “follow” or be a “good” person. This workshop will help students navigate these rough waters as they CHOOSE to be “louder than the world” for Jesus in the life of a friend.

Hello, My Name Is…

People of all ages struggle with identity, but it is a major stumbling block among preteens and teenagers. In this workshop you will be given an opportunity to CHOOSE Christ and then be challenged to make HIM your Identity. Come and hear why this is so important and receive practical steps to implement this in your life. You will be blown away by the peace God brings when your identity is found in Him.

Friends, Future, and the Following

Based on 1 Corinthians 15:33, “Bad company corrupts good morals”, this workshop will show, through testimonies and Biblical examples, that who you CHOOSE to hang around with shapes who you become. Learn from the experiences and mistakes of others, and gain wisdom as you are challenged with the statement, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

Workshops for Parents

Dating Done Right

It is the topic that energizes a teen and strikes fear in the heart of a parent…DATING! How old do you have to be? What is appropriate? How far is too far? How do you CHOOSE the right person? What does it mean to be “unequally yoked”? Why is that important? Come and hear this panel tell their stories and provide insight on some of the questions you’ve been wanting to ask.

Science: Friend or Foe of Faith?

This apologetics workshop will discuss the evidence for faith from a scientist’s perspective and give you the confidence that science has not disproven God, but rather provides more evidence than ever to His existence. You’ll see how God has spoken to us through two avenues, the Bible and nature, helping you CHOOSE to see His fingerprints on the universe and on each of us.

At the Movies

Hollywood is sending a message through film. Sometimes it is overt, sometimes it isn’t (Wall-E, anyone?). CHOOSE to look for Hollywood’s hidden messages so that you can talk as a family about the different worldviews expressed in movies. You will see several examples and even get a chance to practice for yourself. Pass the popcorn, please!