Exodus, Wandering,Conquest

19 Aug Women’s Bible Study

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Exodus, Wandering, Conquest
Thursdays, beginning September 15

This study will run through Thursday, November 17. We will meet from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm at the Lee’s Summit Campus in room 109.

See movies about Moses? Read about his life and compare the Bible story and the movies. Enjoy adventure stories? Follow the Israelites as they wander and conquer and find out about their adventures! Enjoy a good romance? Well, there’s one right there in Ruth!

Come with us as we explore Exodus through Ruth chronologically. Be prepared to discuss Exodus chapters 1-24 during our first meeting.

To get details of the Scriptures we will be reading each week and topics we will be discussing, pick up a sheet at Ministry Central. For more information, please contact Bobbi Weldy (bweldy@lcc.org).