16 Jun Brian Arnold Concert

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One Handed Pianist
Hosted at the Blue Valley Campus
Friday, July 21 at 7:00 pm
Dessert bar will follow performance
Free Event

Brian Arnold is becoming one of America’s most sought after motivational speakers and evangelists.  He shares his personal story of going from a “victim” mentality to living a life of victory. His story is a story of hope.

At the age of 6, Brian lost his leg in a lawn mowing accident. This event also caused his mother to direct him towards music and becoming a pianist. But in 1994, tragedy would strike Brian’s life again, this time in the form of an auto accident. He was hit by an eighteen-wheel semi-truck causing him to break his neck and paralyze his left arm from the shoulder down.

Today, Brian travels all over the world encouraging people of all ages. He continues to play the piano with one hand while also singing many of his original songs. He brings a message of hope. That no matter what a person may look like on the outside or what they’ve been through, it’s what (or Who) is on the inside that matters most. If God can use Brian with one arm and one leg…, imagine what He wants to do with you.

Don’t miss this incredible time of worship and inspiration! For more information, contact Stephanie Korver (913.402.1731).