Legacy Kids Memory challenge

01 Jun 2016-2017 Legacy Kids Memory Work Challenge

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We are really excited about this Memory Work Challenge and are praying this has a huge impact on the lives of our kids.

Memory Work Challenge 2016-2017: We are going to have 1 foundational memory verse each MONTH for the children to work on this year. So for 4-5 weeks our children will be working on 1 verse in their classrooms and at home. That means hopefully our children will have 12 verses in their hearts at the end of May 2017. A 3-year rotation of verses has been developed so that by the time our kids have gone through K-5th grade, they will have these (36) verses hidden in their hearts.

• How it Works: Legacy Kids will be receiving cardstock with a year of verses to keep in their Bibles. Attached is an electronic copy as well in case they get misplaced. We will be encouraging our kids to build on top of their verses each month, not just memorize it one month and forget it the next. To encourage this, we are building up on the amount of tickets they can earn, which leads me to our prizes.

2016 Legacy Kids Memory Verses

• Memory Challenge Prizes: Everyone likes to be rewarded, especially the kids. Our children will earn Legacy Bucks for things like…being at church, bringing their Bible, bringing friends, memory work, participation, etc. Each campus will have some way of turning in Legacy Bucks for rewards.